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Drum Lampshades

Bespoke Original Lampshades.

Made to Order carefully and beautifully.

Please get in touch to discuss all the possibilities available.


Qi Seventies

An original print evolved from one of my miniature watercolour paintings.


Qi Morris

I love the way my edited miniature watercolour reminds me of a William Morris print.


Chalk Road

In a search of the right texture to brighten up a plain white lampshade, I found a chalky roadside.


Willow Pattern

I love the famous Willow Pattern,  why should it be just for plates ?

Watercolour Spotscut.jpg

Less is More

This is completely hand painted...each dot, individually handcrafted.

Available in a huge choice of colours.


Peak a Boo

Willow Pattern

A bit of a different view of The Willow Pattern,  I came across it when I got side tracked editing The Willow Pattern.


Flats of Brixton

These are my local flats.  This photograph was taken from my friends balcony in the flats opposite.


Dried Peony

A vase of beautiful Peonies, picked from my garden, became more beautiful as they dried out.

I photographed them and had a play about in Photoshop...


Thames Nocturne

I love London at night and one of my favourite places is The Southbank, the reflections are incredible, and as a drum lampshade they are gorgeous.


Blue Life

A glitter Zig Zag sparkles, and creates a statement whether the light is on or off.  Made to Order in a huge choice of fabric and glitter colours.


Pink Life

Micro glitter adds shimmer and excitement to this lampshade even when the light is off.

Made to Order in a huge choice of fabric and glitter colours.


Silk Drum

 Shot Silk is one of my favourite fabrics,  when you fray it you get a beautiful Halo of colour.

Made to Order in your choice of colourways.

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