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Re Cycled Bi Cycle Chandelier

Swooping ball chain, embellished with cut glass crystals of different shapes and sizes.  The occasional coloured aluminium jump ring collecting the chains.  The place of the tyre is taken by a gorgeous woven ribbon.


Bits of Bi Cycle Chandelier

This is a smaller chandelier.  Swooping ball chain and crystals along with a couple of Sprockets make this a great taste of decadence in a smaller space.


Re Cycled Bi Cycle


This recycled bike wheel Chandelier still has its spokes, I've added the Sprockets to them and the light plays through to leave giant shadows across the ceiling and walls.

cut circle logo.jpg

Originally inspired by Dew covered Spider webs, the ball chain is draped and the cut glass crystals embellish each Chandelier.  Sometimes I use large coloured Aluminium or  Titanium jump rings to draw the eye in. 

The Crystals send beautiful delicate Rainbows dancing around the room and the Sprockets (cogs) embellish the walls and ceiling with intricate shadows.

These are Made to Order and I discuss colour and Crystal choices as well as size and the amount of space the chandelier has to embrace.

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