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Re-Cycled Bike Wheels,  Frayed Shot Silk, Ball Chain and Lead Crystals 

 The Re-Cycled Bi-Cycle Chandeliers are inspired by dew covered frosty cobwebs, I'm trying to capture their delicate and ethereal beauty.  Added to the ball chain are decadent Lead Crystals that catch the light and fill your room with rainbows....the recycled bike sprockets paint amazing shadows across the ceiling.  

The Frayed Shot Silk Jelly Fish were inspired by Sea Urchins, but evolved to have silk, ball chain and crystal tendrils.

I work with clients to create their perfect light.  From the shapes and colours of the Lead Crystal to the colours and size of ball chain and jump rings and where the sprockets should be.  The Jelly Fish chandeliers can be made in a variety of colours and colour combinations.  With pinprick holes embellished with watercolours and silk tendrils, and ball chain and lead crystals.

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