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Original and Fabulous

Welcome to my website which is a bit like a sketchbook, lots of ideas.  

Here are some of the things I've been working on.  

Please email me via the contact form if you are interested in any of my designs as I haven't worked out how to make this website into a shop yet.

.The way I work means that I can quickly alter my designs to fit in with any scheme.   Also its very easy to create new designs that are site specific.  My designs can also be printed as wallpapers.


20cm morris.jpg



Original and exclusive 

digitally printed fabrics.

Available as cushions, lampshades or per metre.




Fabulous and unique lampshades  in frayed shot silk, butterflies and my own prints

bike wheel chanelier.jpg



Bike Wheels, Crystals Copper Mesh & Ball Chain.

 This website is a work in progress



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